Step By Step to Import from Iran

Step By Step to Import from Iran

The main reason for writing this article is to resolve ambiguities in importing from Iran. Dozens of questions you have to import from Iran. We’re here to reply to all of them. As well as you know every international import and export will start due to the one target. Actually, import and export include many risks that a few people in the world are willing to take. Mostly, the main risks toward to the buyer and at the same time to the manufacturer or supplier. In this article, we are paying to notice the most useful things that make you more confident to import from Iran.

First Step to Import from Iran: Find A Seller or Supplier

There are many ways to find sellers to import from Iran. You can find all of them by using the Internet as the cheapest and the quickest way. Now, you can choose your seller based on their identities like to be a manufacturer, broker, or export agency. Many factors are crucial for reaching the best results.

1- Export Management Agencies or Trading Companies

These companies are acting like export agencies to supply goods based on your claims. These types of companies are not manufacturers so they will purchase your order by credit or in a lower price cash that it is not to feel good for you. Keep in mind that trading companies are more flexible to accept fewer orders.

2- Brokers and Intermediaries

Mostly broker is the name of a person who is not a beneficiary in any case or in a contract. Occasionally, the broker is using some shortages of both parties. Brokers always act like an arbitrator leaning on their knowledge in the field of international commerce. Sometimes, they are most welcoming to the sellers or manufacturers like an out-of-organization employee in an export department.

3- Manufacturers and Producers

When you find the manufacturer easily you can contact them to customize your order. You can save unwanted brokery fees addition to this you can have immediate contact with them to start a business partnership. In we help you to find them easily. We gathered top manufacturers in a wide range of industries to help you find them in the shortest possible time.

After finding the manufacturer you should validate them, There are many ways to examine their credit that you can read in How to Contact Manufacturers in Iran article.

Step By Step to Import from Iran

Second Step to Import from Iran: Start Negotiation With Seller

You should require the proforma from your future business partner in Iran to start the import process. What is proforma? The proforma or inquiry draft is a draft that the manufacturer or seller will issue to illuminate all conditions of the purchase case. Some data is mentioned in proforma like the seller, buyer identifications, terms of payment, mode of payment, port or place of discharge, etc. If you want to deliver your cargo in a special place we recommend you read the Incoterms 2020 articles well.

“Incoterms 2020 Will Assist You to Clarify Your Commitments”

The standard international commerce terms since 1936 started to help merchants. According to Incoterms, you are able to find out both parties’ obligations. Using the three characters’ terms of Incoterms makes both parties understand their duties clearly. Here is a table to overview Incoterms 2020:

Seller Needs to Have a Commercial Card

The commercial card is an identity card issued by the Chambers of Commerce in Iran. The Seller should have a commercial card to allow export. Not only sellers without commercial card permits to export goods you cannot examine them properly. But, nowadays because of some politics to refund the currency to the domestic market, many factories are not willing to use their commercial card.

Step By Step to Import from Iran

Third Step to Import from Iran: Be Aware About Destination Custom Regulations

If this is the first time that you decided to import from Iran you should be aware of the customs regulations in the country of destination. Does not it matter where is the origin or destination of your cargo? To examine the possibility of purchasing commodities you should refer to the country of origin regulations. In addition to that you can find out if there are any preferential tariffs between Iran and your country.  Already, Iran has a preferential tariff on imports and exports by 9 countries.

Oppositely, some countries set some rules to prevent merchants from importing products due to the support of initial industries. In these terms, costume duties will be set for some products as an anti-dumping penalty. So, before taking any action you should find out what is the most updated regulations of the destination rules. Refer to the nearest customs office and try to find is it possible to import from Iran or not. The world countries mostly trade based on standard duties for import and export. The World Trade Organization set standard import and export duties to make countries equal in competition. Iran is the observe member of this organization, Observe countries are exceptions to this rule.

Final Step to Import from Iran: Make Sure About Quality and Quantity

Depending on the terms of incoterms that you fixed with your Iranian business partner one point is highly important by the name of risk transfer point. At this point seller will get rid of any risks, After this process, you should continue to deliver cargo to the desired place. Thats better to check well at this point to find out if the claims have been done by the seller. To resolve this solicitude we recommend two applicable ways.

Determinate Inspection Companies to Check Before Loading

What is the duty of inspection companies? Include monitoring the quality of the materials used, inspecting any defects and discrepancies that might compromise the operations, generating reports to assess the product cost if it meets the budget goals, and utilizing available resources in the market for the highest quality project. These companies are independent their reports will illuminate that is the seller did well all about the commitments.

Send a Representative for Review

Before loading the cargo you can require your supplier to accept a representative to check the loading process for checking randomly product samples. In addition to that your representative can collect a small amount of the cargo randomly to send to a laboratory or an expert to check. Sometimes during these types of verifications, several uneven problems will happen, but that’s better to waiver if is it possible. This misunderstanding sometimes happens when the stated weight mentioned in the documents does not match the reality.


In the last, hope to enjoy reading this article with the kindest wishes.

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