Important Non-oil Exports of Iran

Iran is well-known in the world as one of the main exporters of oil and gas. Today, briefly we address the non-oil exports of Iran for you. After reading this note you will get more about the international market size of Iran. This country has vast resources like mines and fertile lands. Also, with the assistance of the value of the Iranian rial make an opportunity choice among reputed countries in the world to buy non-oil exports of Iran. In fact, all international trade acts will start to lean on reasons. Demand for a certain product in the buyer country or price advantage in the country of origin. Let to check out the top non-oil exports of Iran in 2023.


non-oil exports of Iran

Home Appliances, Electronics and Telecommunication Devices

Before 2014, several international companies had sales representatives in Iran. Affiliated institutions decide to set some regulations to encourage investors to establish factories. Due to these politics manufacturers are obligated to produce the final products with the most share of initial producing factors. For example, maybe a refrigerator has a specific technical for the processing unit or uses special alloys in the electromotor but the material that used for its cabinet does not have a complicated process.

However, most of the materials that are made from plastics are raw materials. On the other hand, increasing the dollar rapidly was no longer affordable to import these kinds of products from other countries for the end user. Above all, correct and on-time management tricks encouraged attracting the private sector to invest in establishing factories to introduce new brands in the domestic market. The effect of the mentioned actions helped to grow the amount of non-oil exports from Iran.

Currently, home appliances, electronics, and telecommunication devices are situated in the top 10 Iran export products. The localization not only replied to the domestic market requirements perfectly but also tempted other countries to make a decision to import these types of products from Iran. Now here is a query, which countries are the customers of non-oil exports of Iran in this field?

Chile, India, Tajikestan, Turkey and Armenia Are Top 5 Importers of Home Appliances, Electronics and Telecommunication Products from Iran in 2022. 

The countries like the United Kingdom, Nigar is situated next to 5 reputed importers of non-oil exports of Iran in this field. So, have a look at the statistics to learn more about this:

non-oil exports of Iran


Handicrafts and Decoratives

Iran is a historic country in the world, thousands of tourists visit Iran yearly. If you ask somebody who visited Iran ensure will tell you surprising things about handicrafts and decoratives. Each county of this country has special handicrafts like designed clay plates and mud jugs. Handicrafts in each province of Iran are different, but the most popular and useful handicraft of Iran is handmade carpets.  Handmade carpet is one of the top non-oil exports of Iran for the European Union.

Some countries like Germany and France are committed buyers of this kind of Iranian products. Unfortunately, Iranian carpet is not common in the world market as well as before. In 2017 affiliated institutions set a restriction for exporting handmade carpets manufactured in Iran. According to this rule, the export of handmade carpets needs to get a certain license that only manufacturers can have permission to achieve. The mandatory license is submitted by the handle of the manufacturer, not the merchant or seller. Below, you can see the list of the most reputed non-oil exports of Iran in the field of handicrafts in recent years.

  • Carpet Weaving (Ghali Bafi)
  • The Art of Marquetry in Iran (Khatam Kari)
  • Hammer and Nail Metal Engraving (Ghalam Zani)
  • Iranian Miniature (Minatoor)
  • Iranian Baked-Clay Forming  Pottery (Sofal Kari)


non-oil exports of Iran

Livestock and Agricultural Products

Leaning on the special climate this country counted among the rich resources of agricultural products in the Middle East. In the north of Iran with a tropical climate, in the fall mostly harvesting bergamots in huge quantities. In the southern and central provinces with milder climates, all kinds of fruits are available in large amounts. The non-oil exports of Iran in this session as important crops are wheat, rice, other grains, sugar beets, fruits, nuts, cotton, and tobacco. Iran also produces dairy products, wool, and a large amount of timber.

Minerals and Building Materials

Iran has always been a pioneer in to supply of mineral materials and products. Some minerals like Magnetite, Hematite, Coal, etc. Mineral products are one of the popular non-oil exports of Iran that have attracted a lot of merchants. Minerals provide various types of needs, construction-related items, petrochemical industry demands, and some usages like them. The extraction of minerals requires advanced technology and technical knowledge. Also, if you are active in the field of supplying mineral equipment, Iran can be one of your targets.

Textiles and Clothing

According to statistics, Iran is a manufacturer of raw materials and leans on human resources and along with geographical advantages, can become one of the largest producers and exporters of clothing and shoes in West Asia. By providing domestic needs and preventing foreign currency outflow within 5 years. In conclusion, The presence of a market of 500 million people in neighboring countries can be as one of the non-oil exports of Iran that businessmen and companies invest in this field.

Cosmetics, Medicins and Pharmacies

Many countries are willing to import all kinds of health products from Iran. Sometimes in cases such as shampoo, while they are the manufacturer, they prefer to import from Iran due to the quality and price advantages. The market size of this industry in the world is about 147 billion dollars, which includes cosmetic products, shampoo, soap, hair dye, health oils, etc.
In the last 6 months, Iran exported more than 13,765 Metric Tons of health products with a value of 10,598K USD. There are many types of cosmetic and health products and Iranian export products. All kinds of shampoos, health products, and cosmetics for the face, skin, nails, hands, and feet, compressed powders for cosmetic purposes. In addition, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Austria, Hong Kong. Some countries like Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Iraq, Bahrain, and Turkey are famous buyers of non-oil exports from Iran.

non-oil exports of Iran

Chemical Reagents and Compounds

Overall, chemical reagents and compounds are the third subject of non-oil exports of Iran. In the continue, we mention some of them based on the most export amounts. Also, you can get that in which industries they are in use.

Glycerin: In wide industries, Glycerin is commonly in cosmetics and paramedicine is using, it applies as a lubricant and humectant and as an essential ingredient in many cough syrups, ointments, expectorants, anesthetics, and lozenges. Manufacturers also use glycerin to make medicine capsules.

Hydrochloric Acid: In fact, the main use of Hydrochloric Acids is for water treatment and purification. Hydrochloric acid in the usage of the production process of iron chloride and poly aluminum chloride, which are strong coagulants. The use of these materials is applicating for removing colloidal and suspended particles in sewage and water treatment ponds. This chemical reagent ranked as non-oil exports of Iran in the category of chemical products.

Sodium Benzoate: Food industries are the main consumers of this chemical ingredient. Sodium benzoate is a food preservative and prevents the activity of bacteria and fungi in an acidic environment. This substance is mostly used in acidic foods such as salad dressings (vinegar), carbonated drinks (carbonic acid), jams and juices (citric acid), pickles (vinegar), and sauces.

Aluminum Nitrate: Aluminum nitrate is a strong oxidant agent. Aluminum nitrate is used in tanning, deodorants, corrosion inhibitors, uranium mining, oil refining, and as a nitration agent. So, this product is one of the important raw materials in some factories such as leather manufacturers, Cosmetics companies, oil and gas exploration, etc. As we mentioned above chemical products are one of the main subjects of non-oil exports of Iran.

Conclusion in The Last

I hope you enjoy reading this article, in this article we pointed out the most important non-oil exports of Iran briefly. I will publish a new article about oil, gas, and petrochemical exports of Iran in the future. If you are active in the field of import-export choosing Iran as an origin for import is highly recommended. Furthermore, you can find manufacturers to discuss with them immediately inside the website. Always, We try to collect all of the best factories. Hope to be healthful and succeed in your lifetime.

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