What Does China Import from Iran

What does China import from Iran? That maybe is hard to believe for you. Because China is one of the main exporters in the world. The answer to this question is positive. China is well-known as a major exporter in the world, it is also an importer too.  Currently, China imports commodities and raw materials from dozens of countries. In this article, we will discuss what China is Import from Iran.

In fact, the relations between Iran and China are mutually beneficial. While Chinese products meet the needs of the Iranian market, many Iranian products and goods also are exported to China. When you are going shopping in Iran, in stores, and malls you will face a lot of  Chinese products. The amount of Chinese products and goods that you see in the market in Iran have a large share. Mutually the same amount of products consists of raw and final products those China Import from Iran. Depending on the types of products and industries situates in a wide range of varieties.

How About the Chinese Market Size

A Brief About China’s Domestic Market Size

As you know, China is the most populous country in the world. Usually, the consumption market for populous countries can create an attractive export target market for these countries. We are going to study the export opportunities for Iran. As mentioned above the large population has caused the export of many kinds of goods those China import from Iran. The Chinese market is compatible, which has made this market one of the most prosperous markets for Iranian manufacturers.

In addition, China buys the raw materials it needs from Iran. In fact, China is able to employ cheap labor due to the population, and with good infrastructure. China succeeded to become a pioneer manufacturer and exporter in the world, according to the energy consumption in China. For all industries, one factor is one of the most important factors by the name of Energy. Therefore China produces about 70% of its energy needs from coal a commodity to supply from Iran. China become one of the largest energy consumers in the world in the last 10 years. So, energy is one of the elements that make China import from Iran.

These opportunities caused incidents between both countries during the current years. The volume of manufactured goods for these countries to reach the maximum possible. As a result, China reached to most attractive and prosperous markets for Iranians compared to the past dedicate. Now, if you are also interested in importing products from Iran you can find manufacturers in Iranmart. We are going to review important hints. let’s talk about the most important products. What does China import from Iran? So stay with us for the rest of this article.

China Import Aquatics from Iran

Fish export to China is one of the largest and most profitable businesses for both parties. Iran exports fish to dozens of countries. We should say that also has a great contribution to economic prosperity. Currently, China is the most important and largest destination for Iran’s fish and other aquatic products. For finding the importance and size of the fish market in China, just check out Iran’s aquatic export statistics. By observing these statistics, you will find that the share of China’s imports from Iran has increased. In other Eastern Asian countries, Iran’s aquatic export share was few during past years. But gradually, especially after 2013, this share increased. Trade obligations make China import from Iran.

China Import Aquatics from Iran

China Import Fish from Iran for Re-Export

 According to the statistics, 50% of this share belongs to China to reexport to Eastern Asian countries. Some countries like China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea. These markets make China import from Iran in this field which nowadays is growing. Of course, the direct export volume of aquatic animals and fish to China is very small. Around 80% of this export is shipping from Vietnam to China indirectly.
Considering the population of China and even though it is a manufacturing country, there are still many products and goods that this country cannot produce in large quantities and meet the needs of its people. This issue is the reason to make China serious about importing from Iran. China has a lot of vast water and land borders along with access to seas and free oceans from several seaports. These favorable situations caused China to become one of the most important economy activist countries in various fields, political and commercial power caused this country to have extensive trade relations with many countries in the world. So, Iran is one of the most important of these countries. Trade relations between Iran and China have historical precedents. This process has reached its peak, so lean on this matter most of the economy activists in China are willing to Import products from Iran.


Main Product for China to Import from Iran

Main Product for China to Import from Iran

Now, if you are looking for the needs of the Chinese Market you have to find the best manufacturers in Iran. You should familiarize yourself with the list of goods those China Import from Iran. In this regard, we should note that currently, the capacities for China’s imports from Iran are very large and diverse due to these countries’ relations. For this reason, we prepared a list of the most important products and products that China Import from Iran, as well as below:
Product Group HS Code Product Group HS Code
A-Oil and oil products 27101951 B- Essential and Basic Metals such as Zinc and Aluminum 83079000
C- Detergents such as Soap, Shampoo, Bleach, and Washing Powders. 34029090 D- Stones and Ashlar such as Chrome ore, Iron ore, Cement, Zinc ore, Lead ore, Coal, and other Minerals 71039900
E-  Sodium hydroxide and Concentrates 28151200 F- Benzene, Polyethylene, Urea, and Polyvinyl Chloride 39040000
G-All kinds of yarn, wool, fluff, cotton, and such products 52051200 H- All kinds of Cow, Sheep, and Goat Leather 41071000
I- Tobacco and thereof products 240220 J- Fresh and Dried Flowers 06031900
K- Monobutyl Ethers, Trichloroethylene, Cyclonic Ethers, Ethylene Glycol Thermopolis, and Diethyl Ether 29094300 L- All kinds of Iron and Steel Profiles 72165099
M- All kinds of stones, such as building stones, Marble, etc 25174100 N- Synthetic Waxes 27122010
O- All kinds of dried fruits such as Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Dates, and dried Figs 73181600 P- All kinds of fresh, frozen, and dry Vegetables such as Cabbage 12099110
Q- All kinds of Linen and Woolen Fabrics 51111190 R- Carpet and Handmade Floor Coatings 57023200
S- Wood Paste and All kinds of Glues 35069900 T- All kinds of Plastic and Plastic Products 95030030
U- Bitumen and Asphalt 27132000 V-  All kinds of Fruits and Juices, Including Apple, Orange, Grape, Grapefruit, and Pear Juice 08109075
W- All kinds of food Industries such as Tomato Sauce, Chewing Gum, Soda, Vinegar, Jam, Chocolate, and Honey 21039090 X- Dried Onions and Garlic 07129020
Y-  All kinds of Paper, Cardboard, Chipboard, and Wooden Board 48239090 Z- Handicrafts and Decoratives 69131000

Favorable Products for China Import from Iran

Now, if do you interested to know which products are more favorable for Chinese merchants to import from Iran, read the lines as well as the button:

Food Industries: All kinds of fruits and nuts, vegetables and saffron Handicrafts: All types of carpets, glass, tablecloths, and cotton fabrics Agricultural and Livestock Products: Tobacco, dried flowers, wool, leather, and other products like them. Minerals: Zinc ore, iron, coal, aluminum, gasoline, chrome ore, etc

Maybe this news is surprising for you that the export of cow and sheep omasum to China is one of the most attractive products that China is willing to import from Iran. Currently, various protein companies in Iran are willing to export the omasum to China. According to the reports, many animal waste processing companies in Iran take part in exporting this type of product from Iran. Non-edible pollution cargoes are processed from light and heavy livestock in Asian countries, especially China.

In fact, this type of export to China is profitable for Iranian manufacturers and Chinese merchants. The main reason to create this market is all kinds of haram and non-edible parts of livestock not consuming in Iran and have no customers due to Islamic regulations. Among the most important forbidden parts of animals that are not consumed in Islamic countries are Omasum, Tendon, Naringi, Hamstring, Spinal Cord, etc. Some other animal haram parts like the first stomach of animals, and the aorta of cows and sheep.

Oil Resources Make China Import Bitumen from Iran

As we mentioned in the first cell of the table as numeric A, oil products are one of the most important capacities of Iran for export to the world countries, especially China. As you know one of the most important oil products for export is bitumen. It is interesting to know that today the amount of bitumen exported from Iran increased 89 percent in the rest of last year. The increase in bitumen production in Iran, along with China’s high demand for importing this product, makes China import from Iran. Therefore, the Chinese market has become one of the most important bitumen buyers for Iran.
According to the comments of the head of economic studies of petroleum products, Iran exports. Bitumen is directly and indirectly exported to more than 40 countries in the world. China is of particular importance due to its proximity to Iran. Increasing the quality of Iranian bitumen, along with increasing familiarity with the needs of the Chinese bitumen market and the characteristics of the bitumen required by the Chinese merchants, and matching the production amount of Iranian bitumen with the amount required by China, is one of the most important goals of increasing bitumen exports from Iran to China.

Oil Resources Make China Import Bitumen from Iran

Iran’s Capacity for Export Bitumen

The production capacity of bitumen was 6 million metric tons in the last year. China’s need is about one million tons per specific era. Since the price of exported bitumen is higher than the price of bitumen sold in the domestic market. Therefore, the export of bitumen to China is considered another profitable commercial activity that makes China import from Iran. Another advantage of bitumen export is since these products are exported by capillaries to other countries, it is not possible to identify them and they can be exported even during the embargo period.
Another advantage of importing petroleum products from Iran such as bitumen is due to the small volume of shipments, having a large number of buyers and applicants. On the other hand, having various export methods and ways, and having a lower number of bank transactions than the export of crude oil. It is easier to export during the embargo period. Therefore, having easier export conditions compared to crude oil export along with very high-income generation for importers and manufacturers at the same time. Cina imports several products from Iran and bitumen is an important item that is not hesitable.
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