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Import products from Iran lean on low production costs, high diversity in industries, and rich resources nowadays is thriving. Otherwise, the special geolocation of Iran made a unique property for doing imports and exports with European and Asian countries. Trading between countries is one of the most important pretexts of countries’ relations. Iran is a rich country with four seasons at the same time. Everywhere there is a valuable product to import from Iran. Thus finding the best products and their manufacturers is a necessary subject that every merchant should know. In Iranmart we assist you to find manufacturers to import from Iran easily. Generally, Iran’s export based on two main majors; oil export and non-oil exports. In the recent dedicated mostly Iran focused on developing non-oil exports due to the politics of the multi-products export in macroeconomics.


The Most Popular Imports from Iran

Iran has a huge share of oil and non-oil exports in the world. Gaseous hydrocarbons, liquified propanol, and heavy and light base oils are the most reputed Iran’s exports. Methanol is one of the most attractive products to import from Iran. Consequently, products and derivations of oil and chemicals. These categories have huge demands for importing by having the main share of Iran’s export. Oil Derivations: Petroleum products and Derivations are the most important groups of Iran’s export and also have a large share in export statistics. Gas Condestences: Gas Condestences in the second half of the year 2022 as the most demanded imports from Iran.

Heavy and Light Base Oils except for Petrol: Base oils and their related products except petrol with a share of 81.3% of the total exports of Iran ranked as the second major product group. Film of Polyethylene: This product in 2018 with a share of 6.3% of the total export reached the third rank of the total export for the origin of Iran. Liquified Propanole: The fourth rank of Iran’s export belonged to liquified propane. Among Iranian products, this product scored in the fourth rank by a share of 32.3%. Methanol: This product includes important exports of Iran in 2018 with a score of 17.3% ranked in the fifth level.

We would mention other products which in recent years have a lot of demands to export. We can point to the semi-prepared iron and steel, liquified gaseous hydrocarbons, ethylene glycol, liquified butane, and various petroleum gases. These products can reach to attract the attention of the main parts of Iran’s exports.

Building Materials and Minerals

Iron ores, clay, copper stone, marble stone, zinc stone, gypsum stone, chromite, edible. And also salt, ceramics, sand and pebbles, cement, sternum, and decorative bricks are imported from Iran daily. In 2018 a large part of these products has been exported to the world countries. The main buyers of Iranian products are Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, and China. According to the value of Iran’s currency, this statistic is going to touch the first exporting country in the region.

Agricultural Products and Livestock

Some products like fresh and dried fruits, almonds, raisins, vegetables, and tragacanth. On the other hand, cumin, pistachios, saffron, grape, watermelon, apple, dates, and figs. Some animal products like caviar, shrimp, non-tanned skin, and leather. These products are situated in the famous non-oil export category of the products. The quality and price affordability make merchants to import from Iran for these products. From the commodities, as noticed above pistachios, dates, and, Persian saffron has the most elasticity in the world.

Traditional products and Handcrafts

As the products which we can mention in this category and also they are highly popular are carpets, kilim, and Jajim. In this field handmade carpet of Iran is the most famous among other products. The countries importing the Iranian carpet are the United States of America, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Switzerland, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that Iran has succeeded to receive 273 UNESCO awards in this field. There are about 460 disciplines in the field of handicrafts in the world. Admirable that 370 disciplines identify in Iran. Therefore, can claim that Iran has many capacities in the field of handicraft exporting. This should boost in the future by increasing its export amount with accurate planning and proper management.

Industrial Products to Import from Iran

Among the most important parts of Iran’s export in the field of industrial products, we can mention radio, television, and communication devices. In addition to them, paper and paper products, and furniture. Radio, Television, and Telecommunication: For the example of important industrial export products, we can mention radio, television, and communication devices, in 2022, also this category has been situated in the first score in this sector. Paper and Paper Products: The export of paper and paper products with a growth of 71% in current years are among the industrial products exported to the world’s countries.

Furniture and Wooden Products: The export of furniture, another category of industrial products, has seen a significant increase in current years. Other Important Export Products: Other important are exporting to other countries of the world include tobacco, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, textile, and clothing. Tobacco, which is grown in cities such as West Azerbaijan, Gilan, Kurdistan, Golestan, Mazandaran, etc., has a good market in Iran’s neighboring countries such as Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Therefore, the largest amount of tobacco exports are also to these countries.

All kinds of Ice Cream, Sweets, and Chocolate: The export of sweets and chocolates in 2022 has grown by 23%, which shows the increase. The popularity of Iranian sweets and chocolates among the people of the world causes to increase exports. Textiles and clothing: In the field of textiles and clothing, the amount of export in 2022 has grown by 26% only in one year. This amount of growth shows the market potential in this field, which will increase as well as predictions.

The Most Expensive Products to Import from Iran

Indeed a significant percentage of Iran’s exports belongs to oil and its derivatives. Wherever the most expensive those to import from Iran are oil and its derivatives. The wider range of products imported from Iran are carpets, handicrafts, precious metals, and gold compounds. Precious jewelry watches, organic compounds, vaccines, rehabilitation aids, and medicines containing penicillin are among the most expensive goods to import from Iran.

Weird Products to Import from Iran

There are products that, at first glance, seem strange to export to international markets. But it must be admitted that no one is fully aware of the twists and turns of trade, and especially in recent years importation from Iran has been so profitable for businessmen that they have started buying exotic items from the origin of Iran.

Tanned skin and Leather: Tanned leather is one of the export items that are exported to India and Pakistan. Italy is also one of the destinations for these profitable products. Pumice: It may be strange, but Iranian stone is also popular in other countries. In recent years, the name of pumice appears in the list of products exported to Thailand, and in large quantities. Licorice: Iranian licorice and its extracts are one of Iran’s export items as a match as a favorite of Germans. In these years, lean on the low price of this product in the domestic, forces merchants to import from Iran.

The most important export destinations of Iran, or the most important buyers of Iranian goods and products, we can mention Iraq, China, UAE, and Afghanistan. Of course,  except for these countries Iranian products and goods have a fantastic market in other countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, etc. Import from Iran by the assistance of Iranmart.

Import from Iran to These Countries

The most important export destinations of Iran, or the most important buyers of Iranian goods and products, we can mention Iraq, China, UAE, and Afghanistan. Of course,  except for these countries Iranian products and goods have a fantastic market in other countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, etc.

Federation of Russia:

Russia is an industrial country and has a consumerist culture. This country relies on imported goods. Viewing the list of Iran’s exported goods to Russia shows how dependent this country is on imports. Import from Iran to Russia is presented with very high quality. The value of the import of goods in Russia is estimated at 130 billion dollars.

Import from Iran to Iraq:

One of the countries that imports many goods from Iran is the neighboring country by the name of Iraq. This country took part in competition with China, which had the first rank of import from Iran. The Iraqi market is highly attractive for all Iranian manufacturers. In the first half of 1997, Iraq ranked first in the import of Iran’s export items and faced a 55% growth in this field. The value of exported goods to Iraq in the first half of 2017 is about 21% of the total value of exported items.

United Arab Emirates:

In the world of business, it has maintained its relationship with the Iranian market, both through export and import from Iran. Iran’s export items to the UAE accounted for 17% of the total export value this year. But it should mention that exports to the neighboring countries now is increasing.


Afghanistan is another major destination for Iranian products. In this regard, it is relatively far away from the first three countries. However, compared to the previous year, it has increased by 23.5% in terms of value. One of the main reasons for exporting goods from Iran to Afghanistan is the joint language.

Import from Iran to India:

India is the fifth host country for Iranian goods in the first 7 months of 2022, and the value of imports from Iran to this country was about 5% of the total value of exports, which is close to the percentage of Afghanistan. However, in the previous 4 countries, the value of Iran’s export items to India faced a 7.5%. This rank is decreasing according to the competitor’s behaviors.

Other Countries:

Undoubtedly, in addition to these countries mentioned above, other countries import Iranian goods to their domestic markets in large or small quantities. Countries such as South Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Destination Countries of Expensive Iranian Products

The countries that import from Iran the most expensive items counted at least 10 countries. Some countries such as Cuba, Scotland, Luxembourg, Bolivia, America, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Syria, and Germany. They are among the buyers of expensive Iranian non-oil items, with the highest average export value in have been recent. Even some unfamiliar countries are willing to import from Iran just for some special products. There is a market for these products based on the destination for expensive Iranian goods.

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